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Q: Why is your system called NEWS EA 999?

A: Due to the following reasons:

  • BASE PRICE:                             999 USD
  • SUCCESS CHANCE:                 99.9 %

Q: Does the system work on any broker and account type?

A: We tested the system on about 25 brokers and only about 15 accounts were profitable, so the chances are about 60% that your broker/account type is the right one.

You can use the EA up to 5 accounts (or more later) so test it and at least 2-3 accounts should be profitable.

There is no system that is ALWAYS profitable on all accounts or brokers, you must be realistic and take your best chance of winning. There is never 100% profitable system or EA.

You can use the system with the brokers we use, check “BROKERS” page for further information.

Q: If the News EA trades only during news so there are very few trades per month, right?

A: The News EA is designed to trade MAINLY during news times since it can make almost “sure” profits and earn many pips. But it’s possible to trade also during high volatility periods when there are no news, so in fact it opens quite many orders, on average 30-35 per week which is not so little. Besides we use high order size of 5.0 or more lots since the Stop Loss is very low, so there is little risk of losing much capital in one trade.

You can simply login to the account on our HOME page to see by yourself how many trades per week or months there are.

Please also check the METHOD page (last entry in the table: “Other Parameters”) and you will see that you can trade not only during news times, but also during other periods as well.

Our Robot is called NEWS EA 999 – Forex News & Volatility EA” which means that it can trade during both news and high volatility times.

It can make around 50%-750% profits per month, sometimes more. You can check MYFXBOOK statement for Real and Demo results.

Q: Why is it better than other EAs?

A: It’s very profitable, up to 750% profits per month

It cannot lose much money on one (or more) trades

It executes few trades per day, but most of them are profitable

Negative trades are usually 5-7 pips, positive trades are usually 25-50 pips or more.

Trades are open only for a short period of time, up to 30 minutes

It works with many brokers on Live accounts and our results are verified on MYFXBOOK

During news times there are very high spikes in prices, so if the price is predicted correctly, the EA can win many pips, if the price is predicted wrong, it loses only a few pips triggered by a tight stop loss

Q: Why can’t I see any open or pending orders now?

A: Most (but not all) systems have trades open for many hours or days and most traders are used to see open orders or pending orders when they login to the accounts with those systems.

However, in case of News EA the trades are open on average for about 1-30 minutes only and the next trade can take place in a few hours or even a few days, that’s why you might be “unlucky” and not see any trades open.

If you wait long enough you will see eventually some of them.

You can also watch VIDEOS with some of the trades we recorded to give you an idea how our system works.

Q: Do you give any discounts?

A: No, we don’t give any discounts or negotiate the prices. However, we give 99.9-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can purchase the EA and if you are not happy, you can get the money back if you cannot succeed.